Rhodes in the Square

Dolphin Square Hotel, Dolphin Square, London, SW1V 3LX
British Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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1 review of Rhodes in the Square


I'm not normally able to eat in this level of restaurant but I was lucky enough last week. The cheese pastry entree was delicious both in taste and presentation.
I followed with the lobster Thermidore omelette that was absolutely fantastic, I could have eaten 2. My main course the beef fillet on a potato base with mushrooms on an artichoke base.
We then received the lemon mousse, cream and sugar palate cleanser, which was also excellent, and I'm not a sweet but a savoury person.
My dessert was cinnamon and walnut wafers (if I remember correctly) with strawberries in layers accompanied by rhubarb ice cream in a wafer basket, this was also excellent.
All rounded if with a cup of tea and chocolate petit fours.
We took 3 hours to eat and it seemed like half an hour a good sign in my book.
The service was top notch, the wine waiter was knowledgeable but not too pretentious to speak to us when we asked the reasoning for the different glasses for the different wine (I'm not a wine buff).
All in all a superb night out, with the food service, food and the price £36.50 for 3 courses all excellent.